Welcome to Project cars 2

Hello simracers!

We are pleased to announce that we are going to organise online races on Project Cars 2: https://www.projectcarsgame.com from a well-known manufacturer Slighty Mad Studios:  https://www.slightlymadstudios.com

We know, the title arouses a lot of controversy and it caused a lot of trouble to leagues admins, but in our opinion it is worth giving it a chance and we are taking up the challenge. We will organise funraces, racing seasons and broadcasts from these events.

We start with several funraces using GT4 class (excluding Ginetta - in our opinion it is not balanced enough) during the summer break according to a following plan:

1. GT4 at Watkins Glen - August 11, 2019

2. GT4 on Zolder Circuit - August 18, 2019

3. GT4 at Nurburgring GP - August 25, 2019

In races we will not get points - they are organised to get acquainted with the sim, test the tires, weather conditions and adapt the new platform to our systems - but of course no one refuses to have fun at the same time.

The servers are, as you probably know, already open: IRG World#1 and IRG World#2

We invite everyone interested to our servers, we hope that every features we have for the rF2 platform, we will have for PC2 as well. Currently we are in the process of developing the site and adapting systems for the new simracing platform.

After this August introduction to the sim, the full season is planned to start on September 8 and it will last until December 8. The series of this season has also been chosen, the GT3 class once again poses challenge for fans of hardtop cars. Expect information such as regulations, penalties etc. about this season at the end of August. Everything needs to be adapted.

At the moment we invite you to practice. Your comments on the forum about PC2 will be noted, what can be improved, we will. Things that cannot be done because of limitation - as with other platforms, simracers will have to live up with it ;)