F1 WF 2017 Regulations

 Terms & Conditions of the Series


1. General

By entering the racing series, accept the General Terms and below.
To start the game you need IRGTool (download) and use it during driving at IRG servers


2. IRG ServersIRG

Servers are only available to registered users.
The users use IRG servers under their name (displayed on their profile) and possibly a nickcname, selected during registration.
Site users have the option to have an appropriate 'skin' for their status;
- new members applying for a licence: Defualt Driver
- every licensed Driver is allowed to have his own skin or Team skin*.
* (Team or personal Skin must be an original design which doesn't duplicate any existing motifs from existing real-life racing series).


3. Licenses

The license is granted by IRG Administration.
Stable driving, maintaining a 'fair play' approach, good sportsmanship, courtesy, and manners are all qualities which positively influence this decision.
Doing the opposite of the above does not, and it may lead to a loss of the privilege of of using IRG.
License is granted indefinitely.
Recipient of the license is entitled to start racing in the lowest group of the series which they have been assigned to ( to join any other groups the user must sign up separately but does not have to acquire a license again).
In order to obtain a licence, a user must be positively verified by IRG's Administration, which depends on:
-Training races
The user automatically becomes an applicant for a license after joining a training race.
The reply is usually given within 21 days. IRG Administration allocates licenses by internal set of rules.
The message with the decision, whether the user has been granted a license (or not) will appear in the "Driver Panel". Inquiries may be made by e-mail.


4. Teams

Team consisting of two people; two players which assembles the team must be a license holder.
Applications should be submitted to the Forum in the "Current Events" section, in a suitable thread.
The team's name can not contain offensive phrases.
Due to copyright, names can not contain the names, layouts ,or their obvious segments, of teams already existing in a real racing series and any other names which already exist.

1 Since 2014 F1 season-we have drivers fixed numbers.

2 The driver gives two proposals (the first has priority) during the registration.

3 The driver selects a number between 3-999 taking into account whether the number is free.

4 Number once selected can not be changed.

5 The driver loses number if is not taking part in any official race in 1 year.

6 Numbers -1 and 2 are reserved for the champions of seasons, if the champion wants to can ride with the preferred number.

These numbers are given

- "1" for the current champion of the regular season

- "2" for the champion of the winter season


5. Server's Settings


Open Qualify Sessions

Open Race Sessions = open but drivers will be pending an open session

Race Client Wait=120 seconds // to wait at the beginning of a race session for clients to get ready and go to grid


Allowed vote only: next track, next session.

Restart track or race is not allowed-permanent ban for this action is set.

Flag rules - Black only
Fuel usage - normal
Tire usage - normal
Mech failures - Time scaled
Driving aids - Clutch only
View - cockpit only


5.Plan of the race weekend

20:30 Practice session/laps checking/password added to the serwer/

21:00 Qualify - 15minutes

21:15 Qualify - 10minutes

21:25 Warmup - 10 minutes

21:35 Official race  2x35 min

23:00 Weekend finish

UTC+1 time of the schedule


6. Official Race

During the Official Race, access to the server might be protected by a password. The address and password to the race are listed in the "User Panel".
During the Official Race it is prohibited to take part in any voting or conversations on the game's chat.

To take part in the "Official Race", a condition of driving over 30 timed laps or one stint consisting of ten laps on the current track.
But 20 laps will allow You to drive from service box into both races.
-laps must be comleted before qualifing session-until 21:00 UTC+1
-competitors looking after their amount of  timed laps
-if You start from grid in race without laps limit, automatic DQ will be attached after the race
-amount of timed laps You can check on the site after every each session.

The race is held in the presence of a minimum of 4 players.
Only the drivers with a lincence can take part in a GP.
During the "Official Race" drivers are oblidged to usethe tires in accordance with the rules.
Start of the race is preceded by fFormation Lap (FL), the principles of which are well known and understood. (FAQ)
After the start, at the T1, Best Line (BL) does not apply.
The players should only use a half of the service position (only the left or right wheels should be on the position).


6.1 Qualifying

During the Qualifying it is prohibited to take part in any voting or conversations on the game's chat.

During the two qualifying sessions the amount of laps is unlimited.

6.2 Race training and MiniRace

Training sessions will take place on Fridays, Saturdays and possibly Sundays, only if there are no Official Races at 20:00.
MiniRace can take place any day at any time when there are at least five players available on the server (at the moment the mini race takes place after a vote.)

6.3 Red Flag

1. Red Flag is in use if admin wrote RED FLAG

2. Red flags appear exclusively in case of technical problems. (incidents will not cause a red flag)

3 Drivers after receiving information should slow down and ESC to pits, stay there until admin massage.

4 IRG Administration can:

- restart the race with non DNF and DQ drivers

-Stop the race with results one lap before Red Flag (if race ends with less than 50% of the distance-half poins will be applied)

 7. League Classification

 Points are awarded to players with licenses who have completed the race and drivers who does not completed the race but have driven for 90% of the total distance of the race.

The player who finished the race receives points for their achieved place;














































































 If we have two races(Group1 and Group2)-G2 have a half points of G1


8. Complaints/Protests

Up until 23:59 of the day after the race, the driver has the opportunity to file a complaint. Then, within 24 hours of the notification of the complaint, all the players included in the complaint (as perpetrator or victim) can respond to the reported complaint.
The camplaint can be made by the victim, offender or IRG Administration.
The complaint should be made by filling out the „Incident Report" form in the tab "Driver Panel".

IRG Administration have no "deadline" to place a complaint.
Any protest shall be examined by the IRG Administration.


9. IRG Administration

IRG has the right to impose the following penalties on a player:

1. Addition of time to the time of the finished race.
2. Moving the player's position gained by completeing the race by a specified number of places.
3. Start from the pit lane in the next race.
4. Moving the player's starting position by a specified number of places.
5. Point deduction after completing the race.
6. Exclusion from a certain amount of future races.

6.1 Penaulty points/suspension of the license

Penaulty shedule

Kara podstawowa czasowa  Kara  kara U (pkt. karne)
 Wypadki, kontakty, nieprzestrzeganie 2W:
-poszkodowany utracił 2-5 pozycji
-poszkodowany straciłr więcej niż 5
-poszkodowany nie moie kontynuować
-za każdy dodatkowy samochód
poszkodowany w zdarzeniu
-gdy zdarzenie ma miejsce na L1
-gdy wydarzenie ma miejsce W ,,0range
Zone” (z reguły S1)
-kara za działania bezmyslne
-wypadek na żótej fladze
-oddanie pozycji
 do 20s kary czasowej
Kara DT w następnym wyścigu
powyżej 20s kary czasowej
kara S&G w następnym wyścigu
 1U za każde
10s kary czasowej
-zyskanie pozycji: na żółtej fladze, w
wyniku wyprzedzania, obrony,
"napędzanie się” - poza torem (chyba,
że pozycja zostanie oddana)
 Kara DT Iub S&G
w następnym wyścigu
-przekroczenie Iinii alejki wjazdowej Iub
wyjazdowej graniczqcej z torem
 Kary cofnięcia na gridzie następnego
wyścigu -3 pozycje
 brak kar U
-przyblokowanie innego zawodnika na
stanowisku w alejce serwisowej (kara
zależna od czasu przyblokowania x 2
zaokrąglona do dziesiątek w górę)
 Kara DT Iub S&G
w następnym wyścigu
 1U za każde
10s kary czasowej
-przyblokowanie na okrążeniu
wyjazdowym / zjazdowym w
kwalifikacjach zawodnika będqcego na
okrążeniu pomiarowym
 Kary cofnigcia na gridzie następnego
wyścigu -6 pozycji
-blokowanie dublujqcego dłużej niż to
 Kary cofnigcia na gridzie następnego
wyścigu -6 pozycji
-wyjazd w kwalifikacjach na
pomiarowym okrążeniu
 1 wyjazd - Kara DT
więcej niż jeden wyjazd S&G 10s
w następnym wyścigu
 brak kar U
-Wyjazdy poza track limits:
Administracja przewiduje, że zawodnik
może mieć 1 bezkarny wyjazd na każde
rozpoczęte 12 minut wyścigu.
 Kara DT Iub S&G
w następnym wyścigu
 brak kar U



7. IRG has the right to ask players to provide telemetry data from the race.

Player have to have installed the MoTeC program with the right plugin. Fauilure to comply with request within three days is equal to disqualification rfom the event.
In the case of player's absence, the penalties imposed on a player will be transferred onto the next GP.

8. IRG Administration keep rights to change mod of the series if necessary.

9. IRG Administration's decisions are indisputable and will not answer to any appeals.

10. Contacting the IRG Administration possible only via e-mail.

11. IRG Administration can remove a player who commits acts contrary to the rules and general principles from the server.