GT 2016 Regulations

 Terms & Conditions of the Series


1. General

To start the game you need IRGTool (download)

It is obligatory to use IRG Tool during practise and the race weekend while entering the server (anticheat protection).

By entering the racing series, accept the General Terms and below.

You need proof of purchase-IRG will verify Your legality copy of the mod.

2. IRG ServersIRG


 Servers are only available to registered users.Password is alocated only during the official race. Password You can find in Driver Panel.

 3. Licenses


 The license is granted by IRG Administration.

 Stable driving, maintaining a 'fair play' approach, good sportsmanship, courtesy, and knowledge of the series  regulations, manners are all qualities which positively influence this decision.

 Doing the opposite of the above does not, and it may lead to a loss of the privilege of of using IRG services.

 License is granted indefinitely.

 Recipient of the license is entitled to start racing in the lowest group of the series which they have been assigned to ( to join any other groups the user must sign up separately  but does not have to acquire a license again).

 In order to obtain a licence, a user must be positively verified by IRG's Administration, which depends on:

 -interview on TS Channel (IRG Administration-aplicant)

 -simracing history(if You are new - tell us about yourself / short interview)

 -training races

 The reply is usually given within 21 days.

 The message with the decision, whether the user has been granted a license (or not) will appear in the "Driver Panel". Inquiries may be made by e-mail.


4. Teams


Conditions for the creation of the team:

 -Lap limit on the current track

 -Team or driver liveries/ if is possible in the modification

 -Team consisting of two and only two people, two license holders.

 Applications should be submitted to the Forum in a suitable thread.

 Due to copyright, names can not contain the names, layouts ,or their obvious segments, of teams already existing in a real racing series and any other names which already exist..

1 Since 2014 season-we have drivers fixed numbers.

2 The driver gives two proposals (the first has priority) during the registration.

3 The driver selects a number between 3-999 taking into account whether the number is free.

4 Number once selected can not be changed.

5 The driver loses number if is not taking part in any official race in 1 year.

6 Numbers -1 and 2 are reserved for the champions of seasons, if the champion wants to can ride with the preferred number.

These numbers are given

- 1 for the current champion of the regular season

- 2 for the champion of the winter season


 Due to copyright, names can not contain the names,or their obvious segments, of teams already existing in a real racing series and any other brand names which already exist, and real life liveries from other series.

You need to use "league adverts" located in Download. It mus be visable on cars.


 4.a Cars

Two people- with same or different car.

You can't change your car during the season.

If players make changes between the teams, points do not travel with them


5. Rcing Weekend


In order to participate in a racing weekend a driver has to complete at least 50 timed laps on the server on the track that is used in the race. 

-competitors looking after their amount of laps

-if the start in race without laps limit, automatkic DQ will be attached after the race

-amount of timed laps You can check on the site after every each session


5.1 Qualify session


The race is preceded with 20 minute qualify session. You cam run maximum 4 counted laps.

Voting and chatting openly is prohibited during official qualify sessions.

5.2 Training race and MiniRace

 Training races are planned in the same weekday as the official races but in the weeks that do not hold official GPs.

 MiniRace can take place any time with 4 drivers present on the server after voting.

5.3 Server settings


Open Qualify Sessions

Qualify 6 laps

Open Race Sessions = open but drivers will be pending an open session

Race Client Wait=120 seconds // to wait at the beginning of a race session for clients to get ready and go to grid

                            120 sekund poczatkowego oczekiwania na start do okrazenia formujacego

 Flag rules-black only

 Fuel usage-normal

 Tire usage-x4

 Mech failures-Time scaled

Driving aids

    Automatic clutch 

 Driving view allowed: no swingman


5.4 Parc Ferme


Parc ferme=1/but we gonna change this to 2//2=restrictions apply as long as it doesn't rain in qualifying or afterwards

After first Qualification race this settings are free to use :

1 = steering lock

4 = starting fuel

8 = fuel strategy

16 = tire compound

32 = brake bias

64 = front wing/but mod does not have possibility to chcnge front wing in pit menu/we gonna change this


5.3 Racing weekend schedule

 Long race weekend

21:00 Practice session

21:10 Qualify only 6 laps and (20 minutes)

21:30 Warmup (5 minutes)

21:35 Long race (70 minutes)

22:40 Weekend finish


 Short races weekend

21:00 Practice session

21:10 Qualify only 6 laps and (20 minutes)

21:30 Warmup (5 minutes)

21:35 short race (35 minutes)

22:10 warmup (5minutes)

            Reverse grid - first 10 positions

22:15 short race (35 minutes)

22:50 Weekend finish

6. Official Race


In the official race the server access may be protected with password. The server address and password are visible in the “User Panel”. It is obligatory to use IRG Tool during practise and the race weekend while entering the server (anticheat protection).

Voting and chatting openly is prohibited during official race sessions.

Official race is held with at least 5 present drivers.

Only drivers with licences are eligible to start in the GP.

Race start is preceded with a Formation Lap, the FL rules are commonly known and understood (FAQ).

It is obligatory to use half the pitlane box so that other drivers can perform their pitstop.




7.1 Damaged car

Driving a damaged car and creating dangerous situations on the track - is prohibited.

Failure to will result in disqualification.


7.2 Keeping the car on track

Drivers are required to keep the car on the track. To avoid any doubt:

- area between white lines is the track and the curbs behind the white lines are not the track,

- a driver must stay with two wheels inside the white lines, the lines are still the track.


7.3 Overtaking


Manouvers impeding other drivers from overtaking like multiple racing line change to defent the position, driving off track on purpous or other abnormal behaviour is prohibited. If the attacker (the driver behind targeting to overtake) manages to get his front axle on the same level as the rear axle of the defender, the defender is obliged to drive 2-wide and leave space for the attacker. It is allowed to defend your racing line but it must be done before the braking zone and the defenders car must be totally in front of the atackers car.

If the attacker points that he will overtake by showing himself in the mirrors it is advised to the defender to leave space in the curve for him. Blocking the racing line and colliding with the attacker will be the fault of the defender if in the moment of collision the front axle of the attacker is on the same level as the rear axle of the defender, and the speed difference will show that the overtaking maneuver would be successful.


7.4 Yellow Flag


It is the signal of danger meaning: "slow down, do not overtake, be ready to change racing line, there's danger on the track or near it". It is not allowed to overtake under yellow flag so if an incident occurs on the track and a driver is slowing down to avoid it, it is prohibited to overtake him untill the next corner.

7.5 Blue Flag


Normally this flag is shown to a lapped driver. The driver presented with the blue flag must allow the car behind to overtake in the nearest occasion (4 corners distance). A good practice is to go off the best line and blink with lights to indicate that the driver behind should pass. It is not advised to brake or other unsignaled maneuvers.

7.6 Pitstop


Players are obligated to respect the white lines in the entry to the pit lane and exit. While performing the service stop during the race - each player takes half of the service position, first player entering to the box takes this half which is closer to the garage / fence / wall.


8. League Classification

Points are awarded to players with licenses who have completed the race and drivers who does not completed the race but have driven for 90% of the total distance of the race.

 The player who finished the race receives points for their achieved place;


  long short
P1 150 75
P1 138 69
P3 129 64
P4 120 60
P5 111 55
P6 102 51
P7 96 48
P8 90 45
P9 84 42
P10 78 39
P11 72 36
P12 69 34
P13 66 33
P14 63 31
P15 60 30
P16 57 28
P17 54 27
P18 51 25
P19 48 24
P20 45 22
P21 42 21
P22 39 19
P23 36 18
P24 33 16


30 15
P26 27 13
P27 24 12
P28 21 10
P29 18 9
P30 15 7


 9. Complaints/Protests


Up until 23:59 of the day after the race, the driver has the opportunity to file a complaint. Then, within 24 hours of the notification of the complaint, all the players included in the complaint (as perpetrator or victim) can respond to the reported complaint.

1. The camplaint can be made by the victim, offender or IRG Administration.

2. Only servers replays can be used to settle a complaint form.

3. The complaint should be made by filling out the „Incident Report" form in the tab "Driver Panel".

4. Any protest shall be examined by the IRG Administration.

5. IRG Administration have no "deadline" term to place a complaint.


10. IRG Administration


IRG has the right to impose the following penalties on a player:

1. Addition of time to the time of the finished race.

2. Moving the player's position gained by completeing the race by a specified number of places.

3. Start from the pit lane in the next race.

4. Moving the player's starting position by a specified number of places.

5. Point deduction after completing the race.

6. Exclusion from a certain amount of future races.

7. To disqualify from the race.

8. STOP & GO (10 seconds)

9. Drive through

11. IRG Administration's decisions are indisputable and will not answer to any appeals.

12. Contact IRG Administration is possible via e-mail and PM.

14. IRG Administration can remove a player who commits acts contrary to the rules and general principles from the server.

15. IRG Administration keep rights to change mod of the series if necessary.

16. IRG has the right to ask players to provide telemetry data from the race.

      Player have to have installed the MoTeC program with the right plugin. Fauilure to comply with request within three days is equal to disqualification rfom the event.