Sao Paulo GP IRG GTE


Interlagos, meaning colloquially speaking "between lakes" is a track where you have to catch your rhythm. Following the musical fiesta and dancing Brazilian grid girls, everyone has to find their melody, their tempo.

Many drivers know this object excellently from the IRG Formula series, starting with the slightly falling down t1 going right into the next bends, we start to dance samba, Ayrton Senna motosport legend and F-1 took part in the reconstruction of this track and this could affect the nature of the corners. The entire sector 2 is a series of consecutive corners, where our "dance" must have the most rhythmic rhythm. It's easy there for mistakes and losses. As in previous IRG GTE races, does the aura add to the excitement?

In the last race, Albion's rainy land witnessed very exciting races. With small breaks it was raining at Silverstone all the time and no one was bored during these struggles. After the first race that won Zbigniew Siara, it seemed that he would defeat his rivals in the second round, but unfortunately the technical problems of this driver and a considerable threat to other drivers caused his removal from the server. Daniel Stepkowski used this to add another 92 points to the full pot for Sepang. He now leads in the individual classification of drivers. Team-wise "Raging Roosters" or Rage Rooster managed to accumulate the largest number of points despite their problems. Lo-oz and Kamil Karuś because these two drivers represent this team, despite having many adventures, have 216 points on their account. You have to remember that Daniel Stepkowski himself collected their 192 for his team, but the team of "Roosters" probably will not let us boredom. Lo-oz after qualifying, he started from 23 positions to sprint so that after the first lap he would be 12th. Eventually he finished the race in the 9th position. Putting your teammate in a position just before the finish line.

We are waiting, therefore, for the Sunday evening, fans are invited to broadcast from IRG Studio run by Dominik and brother and realized by an unmatched operator of smigel cameras.


We invite you on Sunday from 9:00 PM to broadcast on the Motogames Tv channel